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Restoring Choice

Hi, I'm Deanna.  One of my life passions is empowering people to become conscious of what they want and start making choices that honor that, even if (and especially when) it's not what we were taught was "normal."  So often we go through life doing what we're "supposed" to do in ways we think we're "supposed" to do them, wondering why we feel stuck, alone, unfulfilled and dissatisfied. 

As an actor, I spent years studying the choices characters make and the wounds that drive us.  As a coach, I aim to restore choice in all areas of the lives of my clients so they can feel empowered, fulfilled and full of hope and possibility.  

I am a Co-Active (CTI) trained coach, in training to be a sexological bodyworker and bring elements and modalities from my own life that have helped transform my lived complex trauma into strength, resilience and profound self-awareness.


Life Coaching

Life coaching brings focus, attention and intention to every area of your life, including career, family + friends, romance,
fun + recreation, health, money,

personal growth and physical environment.  Together we work to uncover your core values and empower you to choose how you want to honor them in each area of your life.


Relationship + Sex Coaching

I work with individuals, couples or groups to co-create the fulfilling relationships they want.  I work with all relationship styles including (but not limited to) monogamy, polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, open, aromantic and asexual.  When we show up with openness, honesty and vulnerability, we honor our Self and the ones we love.

Somatic Sex Education

Working somatically, we bring curiosity and awareness to gender, sexuality, arousal, anatomy, boundaries, consent, what brings us pleasure and, importantly, how to communicate around all of it.  I work with individuals, couples or groups of all genders and all genital configurations to reconnect with their bodies.



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