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Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns in your life and relationships and long to create more choice?
“Deanna's exquisitely sensitive space holding is a testament to how much care they have taken over acknowledging and metabolising their own trauma.  When I am held by Deanna's facilitation I feel heard, listened to and 'got' and safe enough to drop into my own complex trauma issues which centre mostly around trust of the other.  I have not found many practitioners that I feel comfortable enough with to rest into their holding and Deanna is one of them.  I experience their capacity to be with my pain and challenge around my edges and their ability to skillfully bring various different tools from their trained-in modalities as suggested pathways towards healing and wholing with a highly attuned nervous system as priceless.  They have a graceful and clear way of articulating, which I really appreciate and supports my nervous system to relax and feel seen.  I highly recommend Deanna if you are a highly sensitive person and are looking for someone who understands the trials and tribulations of being in this world and desire the tools and pathways towards more freedom and choice.”

Lia L.


Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a deeply transformative and healing modality for bringing into awareness our unconscious personal scripts and the protective and wounded inner parts communicating them.  It maintains that the human mind is naturally multiple and that during lived experiences, we divide parts of ourselves into different roles.  These Parts are aspects of our true Self.  In this modality, I will guide you to access your Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal your parts.  For more in-depth explanation of this evidence-based model, go to

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Relationship Coaching

Relationship + Embodiment Coaching

I work with individuals, couples or groups to co-create the fulfilling relationships and sex they want.  My approach combines somatic work, coaching, IFS, somatic sex education and other tools.  I work with all genders and relationship styles including (but not limited to) monogamy, polyamory, ethical non-monogamy, open, aromantic and asexual.  When we show up with openness, honesty and vulnerability, we honor our Self and the ones we love.

Somatic Sex Education

I support individuals of all genders, genital configurations and sexualities in sexual healing, restoring the ability to feel safe in one’s body and/or in reconnecting and rediscovering one’s relationship to sexuality after an illness, surgery, life change or event.  I also work with couples or groups to rediscover, learn and communicate what brings you pleasure.  Working somatically, sessions may include Wheel of Consent™ education and exercises, movement, breathwork and sound work, communication games, counseling, anatomy exploration and guided or one-directional (Practitioner => Client) touch. 

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Hi, I'm Deanna.


I’m a relationship and embodiment coach Internal Family Systems practitioner and somatic sex educator passionate about helping people restore choice in their lives and relationships.  My work is trauma-informed and grounded in my own lived experience and healing from complex relational and sexual trauma.  (Also, I'm a massive relationship and sex geek.)  My aim is to co-create a space where you can feel safe and free to bring and express every aspect of who you are, what you need and what you desire.  My practice is a safe LGBTQI+ space.

My services are available over zoom, in person at my San Antonio, TX office or as walk-and-talk sessions at Hardberger Park in San Antonio.

I have studied with teachers at the Sea School of Embodiment, Institute of Somatic Sexology, School of Relational Embodiment, and School of Somatic Sexology, receiving certifications in Sexological Bodywork and Embodied Sex Coaching.  I’ve also studied at the Co-Active Training Institute receiving my Certificate of Completion for CTI’s Coach Training Program and completed Internal Family Systems Level 1 Practitioner Training.  I am a member of the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB) and adhere to the ethical codes of the ACSB and the International Coaching Federation.


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